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The X-Pro Hearing protection ear plugs’ patented click to hear, click to protect technology allows the wearer to keep the ear plugs in while having a normal conversation.
With the plugs off, your hearing protection is at 19db, while protection is clicked, your hearing protection is at 30db.
This allows the wearer to never have to remove the ear plugs. Especially in critical moments.
These are great for hunting, target shooting, auto racing, industrial/construction, they are also great for our military and law enforcement officers. The sleek design allows for a comfortable fit as well as a strong grip inside of the ear canal.
If you have a family member or roommate with a snoring problem, no biggie! Throw these plugs in and that sound just fades away.
Order your pair of X-Pro Hearing Protection today.

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These ear protection sets include 4 tips. 2 sets of silicone and 2 sets of foam for a better fit for all. Each set of ear protection also comes with a carrying bag for your pieces as well as the ear protection inserts.

These are a great gift and can be used in many places, such as concerts, school plays (if it is too loud), industrial or construction sights, or if you just want to block out ambient noises while you read.
They are a perfect fit for most and can be used my Men, Women and Children.

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